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Our wellness massage

leads to complete physical and mental relaxation. With the gentle and sensitive massage techniques, everyday life is forgotten

and creates a feeling of weightlessness. In order to create this perfect moment individually for you, the scents of the oils are used according to your wishes.

You can also be surprised.

45 minutes / 60 minutes / 90 minutes

Medical full body massage

Our medical full body massage helps with acute tension and permanent pain in the muscles.

Special medical massage techniques relieve hardening of the muscles and alleviate pain.

Duration 45 minutes / 60 minutes / 90 minutes


1 hour / 1 pers.     9,00 €
1 hour / 2 pers.   15,00 € 

Sauna visit note:
The basic prerequisite for a relaxed visit to the sauna is that you feel good and that you follow a few sauna rules.
Ideally, eat a light meal two hours beforehand.
A stomach that is too full or too empty can put a strain on the circulatory system.

Important sauna rules:
- Always enter the sauna undressed
- Take a shower before entering the sauna (this ensures better absorption of the heat)
- Dry well before going to the sauna (also important for better sweating)
- Quiet area, please be quiet in the sauna
- Please always put a bath towel on the bench
- Do not enter or leave the sauna during the infusion
- Sauna duration 8 to 12 minutes, maximum 15 minutes
- Sit in an upright position two minutes before the end of the sauna session
- Shower after the sauna session
- Then into the plunge pool (flood shower, water shower) and into the fresh air