• Ammerländer Bauernhaus

    Am Hogen Hagen 4, Bad Zwischenahn, Germany .

    The open-air museum in Bad Zwischenahn consists of a total of 17 houses and outbuildings. The center and main building is the Ammerland farmhouse. The museum site is bordered on the western side by the floodplain coming from the Zwischenahner Meer and on the eastern side by the farmer's forest belonging to the museum. The southern shore of the Zwischenahner Meer forms the natural border of the area. Overall, it is a courtyard complex that is harmoniously integrated into a park landscape.

  • St. Johannes Kirche

    Am Brink 8, Bad Zwischenahn, Germany .

    The parish church of St. John the Baptist in Bad Zwischenahn is more than 850 years old, making it one of the oldest buildings in the Oldenburg region. With the Reformation, the church became Evangelical-Lutheran. Today it belongs to the Evangelical parish of Zwischenahn.

  • Park der Gärten

    Elmendorfer Straße 40, Bad Zwischenahn, Germany .

    Since March 28, 2003, this site has been open again as the Lower Saxony Garden Culture Center - Park of Gardens - (formerly Lower Saxony Garden Culture Center) annually from May to the beginning of October, based on the experience of the State Garden Show, with the themed gardens, the ranges and collections as well as the shows and leisure facilities.

  • Spielbank Bad Zwischenahn

    Eiden 11, Bad Zwischenahn, Germany .

    Thrills, tension rising, the air tingling, joy in gambling, winning streak... try your luck in one of the most beautiful casinos in Lower Saxony: the Bad Zwischenahn casino. Dice and balls have been rolling here since 1979. Bets are made and jackpots are cracked. A casino with tradition in a house with history: the **** S Romantik Hotel Jagdhaus Eiden am See.



  • Barfußpark Harkebrügge

    Am Fuhrenkamp 1A, Barßel, Germany .

    Let yourself and your family be inspired by the various stations and play options during a visit to the Barefoot Park!

  • BUHL Activity Park Conneforde

    Dorfstraße 8D, 26215 Wiefelstede, Germany .

    The Buhl Activity Park Conneforde is the Forest4Fun climbing forest and football golf at Bernsteinsee, in a beautiful mixed forest lies one of the most spectacular climbing forests with nine different courses and with 18 lanes one of the largest football golf courses in northern Germany. The amusement park is just a stone's throw away from the North Sea and Oldenburg. Every guest is welcome here, even if they just want to watch the hustle and bustle of the active people. New in Conneforde is a stand-up paddling rental station where you can relax and glide across the lake. We also offer taster courses. The SUP taster course is the ideal introduction for everyone to enjoy the new trend sport in a relaxed manner after just 60 minutes. The Buhl Activity Park Conneforde is supplemented by the park events: grouse hunting, raft building with treasure hunts and archery, which are suitable for extraordinary action for groups of 10 or more people. The opening hours of the mini golf in the forest match those of the climbing park, and you can also play mini golf every weekend in November. Saturdays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  • Rhododendronpark Gristede

    Gristeder Str. 27, 26215 Wiefelstede, Germany .

    The Rhodopark of the Bruns Nursery is located in the Gristeder Forest on the country road from Wiefelstede to Bad Zwischenahn. Chinese sequoias provide shade, while other solitary trees are interesting eye-catchers amidst the rhododendron splendor. Over 1,000 different Rhodo varieties and outdoor azaleas form the core of the collection. This is particularly worth seeing between May and June, because during this time the park is transformed into a colorful landscape of flowers. Two ponds and an impressive park pavilion complete the picture. The 25-hectare site also serves as a show garden for the Gristeder Novelties®, because there is a special focus on rhododendron breeding. More than 150 varieties have already emerged here. With its numerous seating areas and sanitary facilities, the park is ideal for a rest during a bike tour or for a day trip.


  • Rhododendronpark Hobbie

    Alpenrosenstraße 7, 26655 Westerstede, Germany .

    Rhododendrons as far as the eye can see! Walk between thousands of rhododendrons, ancient trees and great little themed gardens - you can only do that in Rhododendron Park Hobbie in Westerstede. "The park is really a jewel and with its 70 hectares it is also Germany's largest rhododendron park." (Birgit Hobby) It doesn't matter whether it's when the many rhododendrons are in bloom or at any other time of the year: a visit to Germany's largest and most beautiful rhododendron park is always worthwhile.